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How Social Media Increases Depression in Teens

Social media can be a blessing and a curse. Finally, an easy way to connect with people BUT there are definitely some downfalls! Social media can be addictive, hurtful, and dangerous, especially for teens! Growing up in a world of technology where social media is vital for a social life, it is very easy for social media platforms to take control of a teen’s life. And when your life revolves around social media, teen depression can be right around the corner.

Ways Social Media Can Boost Teen Depression:


It can be easy to feel depressed when you see everyone’s “perfect” life on social media.

Constant checking

Constantly checking social media platforms can be addictive. It can leave you unable to focus on school, homework, or get a good nights sleep.

Feeling left out

It never feels good when you see your classmates or friends having a good time without you and it can hurt to not be invited.

Over Sharing

Posting photo’s, video’s, and comments can be so simple to do. But what we share today could be very embarrassing the next day.


It’s easy to name call, start rumors, post inappropriate pictures and videos, and threats on social media. AND it can be VERY HARD get them deleted.


What Teens Can Do

Moderation is key! The best thing you can do is to distance yourself from social media so it does not consume your life.

  • Set limits

Make a pact with yourself to only check social media a couple times a day.


  • Set phone to silent mode

This will help you stay focused and be less tempted to constantly check your phone


  • DON’T take your phone everywhere you go

Do you really need to take your phone to hockey practice? While you go on a walk? To the grocery store? To yoga? To the beach?


  • Call instead of text

Don’t want to regret saying something embarrassing online or be misunderstood? Call the person instead of msging them on social media


  • Tell an adult you trust if you are being bullied online

It is NOT OKAY to be bullied online! Get help stopping it from adults you trust!


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